Sunday, October 22, 2006

Crochet patterns needed

A small request for a little girl.

I have friends who are missionaries in Vanuatu. They have three beautiful children and their eldest "J" is a girl of 10. Despite being in a very isolated community, she has used books and printouts that people have sent her to teach herself how to crochet. (What a smart little chicky). I heard on the grapevine, however, that she is starved for patterns. She really wants to make herself a crocheted hat or something like that.

So I thought I might collect some easy crocheted patterns and send them over to her (I will probably throw in some yarn I have here too as a surprise).

As I don't crochet however, I am a little starved of easy crochet hat patterns. So I am putting the word out - if there are any easy crochet patterns that you can email me, can you please send them to me and I will print them out and post them off to her (they have no telephone, no internet - they survive off snail mail alone).

Thank you so much - together we can make a smart little girl very happy.


At 5:44 am, Blogger NCD said...

All I did was look at Google, crochet patterns


At 8:43 pm, Blogger Katt said...

well NCD beat me to the link!! lol

The is also a crochet msn have to join to get access to the patterns on there though.

Vicki from Purple is a Fruit started it.


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