Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Day wrap up.

I hope everyone is as well fed today as I am! OMG I ate so much yesterday.

Sunday we headed up to my sister's place, car full to the brim with presents and food to cook and heaps of other things we were sure not to need (I would hate to see us going away for a week!).

We picked up KFC in Traralgon and then headed across to the coast to Woodside. After unpacking, we headed out to Woodside beach which is on the stretch of 90 mile beach. White sand as far as the eye can see - blue skies and hardly a sign of another person - nice! Hubbs amused himself by finding fossilised shells - noice!

Sunday night we cooked up a big stretch of pork crackling (not the pork, just the crackling) - yummo.

We stayed up late, cuddling the 5 dogs, and watching the carols and it was really nice.

Hubbs and I slept well despite the divan having a tendancy to sag in the middle so hubbs and I got really close that night hehe.

I got up early and started cooking. A lovely 3kg piece of Pork, Beef marinated in herb and mustard marinade, and crisp roast veggies.

One of the benefits of getting up early in the country is you see things others don't get to see. I watched bunnies having a race across a field, stopping to chew a blade of grass as they ran. I also watched 3 adult foxes with beautiful coats and tails frolick in the paddock outside the kitchen window, leaping over each other, rolling around and just plain being silly. Very cute.

Everyone else woke up when I opened the oven as it tends to smoke a bit and the smoke detectors went off - hehe - Way to get revenge for being the only one up early doing stuff. hehe

We sliced up the ham and had fried ham and fresh chookie eggs for breaky.

We opened pressies and my sister cried at the things we had bought her, as they were things she really wanted but couldn't afford and I managed to get them on ebay for her - brand new and much cheaper.

Then we called all the family and did the "merry christmas" calls.

Before lunch we fed the cow her lucerne biskit, fed the chooks and ducks and let the dogs out for a run.

Lunch was, of course, indulgent and we had far too much food as is the tradition and I really did not want the piece of pavlova but just had to have it anyhow.

Before lunch I started getting some small cramps. I was a bit worried and only told Hubbs. He made sure I didn't do much after that, without drawing attention to the fact I had rushed around all morning and now had stopped.

We waited until we were just about to eat, had toasted Christmas and then Hubbs said "So, I guess we should give you your final present then". My sister and her fiance looked puzzled as Hubbs reached into his back pocket, revealed a laser pointer and used it to point to my stomach saying "if all goes well, next christmas 1 or 2 people might be joining us!" hehe. they were very happy for us.

We packed up about 3pm (well Hubbs did - he wouldn't let me lift a finger) and headed for home. I was still getting cramping but it was easing. We copped the worst weather coming home, rain, hail, black ice on the road, and in some cases snow! What the? Summer in Australia and it is cold and snowing? Very bizarre. But we made it home in one piece. Hubbs made me go lay down and he unpacked the car himself. The cramping went entirely now long afterwards. I have to admit it did have me worried - wondering if I had overdone it. I don't want to lose this\these baby\ies.

Today we are off to see Mum in law and family for more eating (groan). I don't think I want to really see any food in the future - not for a while at least.

Ohh and my obsession continues - I did another HPT (the 5th) and it is still positive and much darker than 2 days ago - yay.

1 week until I get the confirmation blood test.

Hope everyone is having a good Christmas. Live it to the full - eat much and enjoy.


At 11:41 am, Blogger Tara said...

I'm glad you had a great Christmas. Just think what next year will be like... :)

At 11:54 am, Anonymous Jessica said...

What a nice Christmas. :) How exciting that next year's could only be better. :) I look forward to your blood test results on the 2nd!

Thanks for stopping by my blog too! :)

At 3:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fab christmas Bugsy!
And from hereon - I wish for you a beautiful, stress free and healthy pregnancy - as you deserve it.

PS. Your display of that beautiful yarn a couple of posts ago is MOUTH WATERING.

At 4:41 pm, Blogger Katt said...

Yep...Started Sunday and has now HOPEFULLY finished today with lunch at Adams nan and pops..But I think I have eaten FAR too much!! YOINKS...

Relax. Take care of yourself and hope to chat to you before the New Year.


At 5:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Bugsy! I have only just read your blog updates and I am so thrilled to read your wonderful news. Congratulations, oh gosh I am so excited for you!!
I am glad you had such lovely Christmas.
You take it easy and enjoy every second of the next few months.

Luv Kit

At 10:28 pm, Anonymous shazz said...

Sounds like a lovely chrissy and I have fingers crossed for you.

At 9:36 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations! But who are you? I came to your sight in response to a post about Kevin Rebbechi in the Spanish civil war-seems we share ancestry as I am descended from Antonio Giacomo as well?

At 9:40 am, Blogger Bugsy said...

Anon - Can you email me at mail.bugsy@gmail.com and we can chat about our ancestory. Happy to tell you who I am there.

You left no email address or anything for me to contact you on.

At 4:35 pm, Anonymous MichelleL said...

I've been away from the Internet for a while and was so thrilled to read of your good news. Glad you had a merry Christmas and keeping fingers crossed that all goes well.

At 7:41 pm, Blogger three minute palaver said...

Your xmas sounds so AMAZING. I am very jealous. and I am so happy for you that the hpt's are testing darker each time. It's great news.

At 4:31 pm, Blogger Katt said...

You have been tagged for a weird meme on my blog.


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