Sunday, July 11, 2004

Babies everywhere except in my arms

Today has been one of those days where I have been surrounded by thoughts of babies.

I walked into the room we want to use as a nursery and I swear it was there - the smell of a newborn baby - you know, that smell of baby powder and newborn goodness. It was in the air - I swear it.

Then my nephew and his wife came over and his wife said "I had a dream last night that you had just had a baby and I was pregnant" (they are not trying yet).

Later my mother-in-law called and said that she just knew that we wouldn't be doing the Laparoscopy etc scheduled for the 22nd of this month - because we were going to discover we were pregnant first.

I would love to say that I see all this as signs, but unfortunately I have seen so many signs in the past and nothing has come of any of them, so I refuse to recognise them. Let's just hope that by doing so I have proved them wrong!

So go ahead Fate, Mother-Nature, whoever, I dare you.

NO - in fact I DOUBLE DARE you. I don't believe I will get pregnant without assistance, so prove me wrong......please!


At 1:59 pm, Blogger Burnt Karma said...

Really, really hope you don't need the Lap.
But, if you do, take a hip-flask of your favourite schnapps and some new, fancy slippers to wear.
Write something in eye-liner on your stomach, for the theatre crew to laugh over during the procedure ("insert baby here please...").
You'll make such an impression they'll take extra care of you. Sure, they might not make much eye contact later, and they may offer you a huggy coat, but you're sure to make it a day to remember.


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