Sunday, September 26, 2004

"how wonderful life is, with you in the world..."

Last night I received some wonderful news. A good friend of mine who has supported me in this journey for so long, has discovered she is pregnant. Almost a year ago (7+ months I think) she miscarried her last bub, so I am over the moon that she has reached the next stage of this journey.

She is a wonderful deserving woman. She has other children, even a set of twins, but a woman with more love for her family would be hard to find. With all this, she still has had so much time left over to help out her friends. If one of us is down - she can be counted on to drag you out of your pit and set you back on your feet.

If any of us need anything, she would bend over backwards to try to provide it. How she found the time to get pregnant I will never know LOL.

She had even just acquired a referral to a gyno to check out the reasons for her infertility. She has used assisted conception in the past, so she was under the belief that she might need that boost again. Well Darls - you don't!!

Hon - if you are reading this - I so greatly love and admire you, as I know do your other close friends. I hope I can help you along this new path that you are on. Biggest congratulations hon - I am so very excited for you - Well done!


At 11:03 am, Blogger Net said...

Your words said it all. This particualar person you speak of is one of my truest friends in the world. I have only know you both for such a very short time and i have formed such a wonderful bond with you both (and someone else as well)that if you all were not there for me when i m/c earlier this year i honestly dont know what i would have done. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


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