Saturday, September 18, 2004

The Money Pit

So we are renovating.

It is sooooo needed. The tiles in the kitchen are literally falling off the wall, and the bench is sagging where the steam from the previous owners dishwasher penetrated the wood. Apart from the fact that it is just bloody old! Gluttons for punishment we are doing the kitchen, the main bathroom and part of the laundry all in one go.

But - we are doing it the easy yet expensive way. We are getting a company in to do the lot. Everything is chosen. Everything is ordered. They will be in to rip out the kitchen and bathroom on the 4th October and I should be cooking and luxuriating in the spa 10 days later. Well, hopefully not both at the same time.

So the only thing left is the kitchen floor tiles. A bone of contention. That one thing that may prove to be my nemesis. The tiles in the kitchen were only replaced 6 years ago and extend all the way to the hallway and front entrance. We don't want to replace them all as that would add a couple of thousand onto the bill, so we are trying to find more of what I bought 6 years ago.

And I think this is where the problem may lie. Ever since we started organising this renovation a couple of months ago, the builders warned us that we should begin trying to find the tiles straight away because the journey may not be swift. But did we listen - NOPE. So here we are, 2 weeks before the rip out begins and we haven't even begun to look for the tiles.

Today is the day. Today we are going to venture out to the tile mart and get those tiles. As soon as hubby wakes up. It is going to be today - honest. We will find them. I hope!


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