Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Mr Tims - where are you?

I had the weirdest night. I got home and was waiting for Hubby to come home and I heard this cat crying. It seemed to be coming from the front door, so I opened it up and Oscar (our foot biting kitty) was outside on the front porch (from what I could see in the limited light). I went out and called him and he ran to me. I picked him up and he cuddled in, and that is when I realised it wasn't Oscar - just a cat that looked just like him. The mystery cat cuddled in and was so cute. But then the porch light (sensor) switched off and it freaked the cat out, and he attacked me.

I managed to get him off my face quickly but he did some damage. I have a puffed cheek, and a lovely 1cm gash under my eye - it is just lucky that he missed my eye, and about 4 other cuts on my face but not as bad as the gash. The gash bruised up almost immediately as well so it looks great. Plus I have scratches on my hands and one of my finger nails got ripped almost entirely off about half way to the quick, so that is really sore. Everything was bleeding.

I put the cat down (wasn't his fault he got spooked) and went in and cleaned up. I will be fine. Hubby came home, saw the cat and said "what are you doing outside?" and let him in the house! Then he came looking for me (I was in the bathroom cleaning up my attacked face) and he wanted to know why Oscar was outside. Once I told him it wasn't Oscar, we went looking for him and he had made himself quite at home cuddled up on the couch. No collar, and he hasn't been desexed. We put him outside and he cried to be let back in until about 10pm. I checked before going to bed and he has left. No sign of him this morning. He looked so much like Oscar we thought it was him. Oscar cried at the door for hours cause he wanted to go out and play with him. Our other cat Molly wasn't impressed in the slightest.

He must be a local cat, although I have never seen him before, and he is nice and fat, so I don't think he has been dumped. He spent hours last night fastidiously prowling the boundaries of our property and spraying to mark it.

But I think he has gone home now - shame too, because I had already named him - What do you think of the name "Mr Tims". hehe. I think it is cute.

Maybe he will return if I put out some food?


At 11:13 am, Blogger Burnt Karma said...

If you feed them, they will come.

Also, I don't want to add to your stress darl, but get a check for toxoplasmosis with your doc. You really don't want that right now.
On the other hand, if you've already had it, it wont do any harm. I think they can test for antibodies or something.

Love cuddly kitties! Especially the cute ones that come to the door on a cold night. It means your house feels safe and secure for them. Awwww.


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