Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Loot

Ok - You know this is all your fault? Katt and Shell, I am talking to you! You have me all excited about knitting again.

Well yesterday I went to Spotlight and they had a huge sale on pattern books. Look at all the pattern books I got for $24.95! The Ostrich book, for one, was reduced from $7.15 to $1.50! The leaflet type ones that have 2 patterns in them were all 50c each. The only ones I paid full price for were the two "Lets Creative" ones - but the were only $2.99 each anyway.

The Loot

I am in patternbook heaven.


At 7:20 pm, Blogger shell said...

OOOH I'm sooo coming to your place to steal all your pattern books. Except the two creative knitting ones which I already have. I love the designer knits one I am making the poncho in it for my daughter atm. *grin*

At 8:48 pm, Blogger Katt said...

Coool! You did a great job with getting your loot!

Now Shell and I will have to get you getting a large yarn stash and our aim to take over the world with knitters has Begun *Muahaahaahaaa* ;)



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