Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Tragedies and spiders

I was in tears (yes again) this morning as I drove to work and listened to the reports of what Katrina has done in the US. Listening to one man sob as he retold the story of how their house was flooding and he and his wife got up into the roof, and then the house split apart and that was the last he saw of his wife. OMG the tragedy of it all. My heartfelt sorrow and sympathy to all my friends anywhere in the US, or anywhere around the world, impacted by this disaster.

What is happening in our world when we seem to get one disaster after another. If that isn't enough, we also get us humans trying to destroy ourselves through war and terrorism. Why do we continually try to destroy ourselves? It pains me that so many people are trying so hard to create more humans, when at the same time so many others are trying so hard to extinguish humans. Where is the sense in all that? Where is the love?

Sometimes it makes me wonder why I am trying so very hard to have a baby. Should I really bring a child into this world? Do I have that right? or Do I have the right to deny a child from being born into this world. Am I the evil one if I stop trying? What if the child I do eventually bear becomes the person to instigate lasting peace is this troubled land? What if instead I bear another Hitler?

Just to freak you out a little more, here are some pics of huntsman and whitetail spiders. Huntsman are actually very friendly and are often kept as pets. They don't hurt anyone (I don't think so unless you are really allergic), and they are not aggressive spiders. Whitetails on the other hand are horrible and as so many people are allergic to them they are considered quite dangerous. hence why we move huntsmans and kill whitetails.

Huntsman (average size) next to someone's hand to show you how big they are:

A whitetail spider: (about the average size too):


At 5:10 pm, Blogger Tara said...

Bugsy, a few months ago I asked the same thing on my blog. I scolded myself for being so selfish that I wanted to bring a child into such a messed up world. A friend left a comment to that post that made me never think that again. She said we need more good people in the world to overpower the bad. Don't feel bad for wanting a child.

At 6:44 pm, Blogger Cathy said...

Here, here. Well said Tara.

Children are a blessing that should never be regretted.


At 12:14 pm, Blogger Mama Mouse said...

I agree that you shouldn't feel bad for wanting a child! The world needs more love and less anger and selfishness! Having a child is a good thing ... not a bad one.

As for spiders ... please I DON'T want a huntsman as a pet any more than I want a tarantula or scorpion as one! You can throw those gian hissing cockroaches into that same group!

My pets MUST have fur ... but NOT 8 legs!


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