Saturday, August 27, 2005

Time for a knitting update

I have been knitting but haven't had a chance to post the pictures. This is for the mystery project - Don't look too hard for a picture - it is the first of a series of "blank" squares which will be used between the patterns squares. It is in White.

This is Katie the Cat.
And you can't have Katie the cat without Dougie the dog!
In other news, I got a reply back from Lite n difficult. They said blah blah , "it's our policy" blah blah. The final line was a beauty though "Please don't give up, you have the will in you to get there, as you were taking action by contacting us"

Um Yeah, and a fat lot of good that did me!

Well Yes I do have the will, but I won't be getting there with lite n difficult. I have accepted that the option is no longer there and have moved on.

Some time ago (3 or so years) I did Sureslim. It was incredibly difficult but I did get results. I lost over 10kgs when I had to stop because I was pregnant. After that first miscarriage I tried so hard to get back into it, but somehow I just didn't make it. I had a work colleage who was also doing it, so we urged each other forward. She reached her goal weight and went off the program. Whilst she has pretty much kept the majority of the weight off, she has developed some bad habits, and is starting to find her new clothes are a tad tight.

So Yesterday we discussed going back on the program. We won't be going to the clinic, but we still have our programs, and we are going to give it a shot.

In combination with that, I also went and purchased a pack of Slimist. Slimist claims to be a fairly natural appetite suppressant. You spray the stuff in your mouth 10 mins before eating, and supposedly it reduces your appetite (probably cause it tastes like crap), and between meals you have three flavoured vials (banana, peppermint and apple) you can sniff if you feel hungry and it takes away the craving.

It might be complete crap, but if it works it just might give me that helping hand I need with sticking to the strict sureslim plan. So far I have only tried the stuff you sniff, and I was quite amazed that it did indeed take away my hunger.

So my aim for this weekend is to dig out all my sureslim stuff and go through it and prepare. Over the next week the work chickie and I are going to do some meal planning so we don't get lazy and I am also going to purchase some freezer food - weight watchers meals, for the days where I just cannot be bothered cooking dinner. (has to be better than take away).

I am also going to try to walk a bit more, which is very easy with the gorgeous weather we are having a the moment - just stunning!

Thank you so much for all your comments. They have really helped me pull through the last couple of days.

Onward and upwards my friends.


At 5:33 am, Blogger Mama Mouse said...

Starting at the top and working down ...

The pic of your Dad and you is wonderful. I can see the love in your stance and in your eyes! I recognize it because I see it in my own pictures of my Dad and myself.

The kitty kat square is especially cute! I like that you are doing blank squares to go between the patterned ones. That should make the patterned ones stand out so much better.

I think that whatever you do to lose weight that WORKS for you .. is OK ... as long as you eat a balanced diet and are getting the proper vitamins. If sniffing a vial of banana scent helps .... then GO FOR IT! It also will be a big help to have a 'diet buddy'. The only time I was ever successful losing weight was when my husband was dieting right along with me. We need to do it again!


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