Saturday, September 03, 2005

Please say hello to "dolly dolphin"

Another square done. This is dolly dolphin (landlubbers version). It is the first square to be done in lemon too.

For those of you who are attempting these pattens - she has redesigned her site and added some more patterns lately. I can't wait to get started on rodney rooster.

Question for any of you who are crafty - How do you think I should join these squares? Considering I don't know how to crochet (but if you think that would be best I would be very willing to learn some basic crochet to get them joined).

oh and my blogroll has been updated - welcome aboard!

other stuff:

It was mum in law's 61th birthday this week and she really wanted to go to dinner at the Shark Fin Inn (chinese restaurant). Going out is a big challenge for her husband. Hubby's step-dad is 78, chain-smoker, has emphysemia, refuses to stop smoking, or take any of his medication and because of this has had fluid build up in his legs which are now swollen and infected. Plus he is grumpy as!!! Despite all this, I have kind of a soft spot for him. Maybe because everyone else in the family just wishes he would hurry up and die.

So anyway, we went to the restaurant and it was quite nice. Bumped into one of the directors at work, and he came over for a chat (which greatly impressed Mum in law) lol. Afterwards she wanted us to go back to her place and help her set up her birthday pressies, so we did that.

We bought her a new cordless phone, a chinese tea set (with some tea) and a Mahjong dvd game that you play on the tv.

We were both dying for a drink, but we have a new rule that we don't drink tea or coffee at Mum in laws. This is because everytime we do we regret it. They insist on their water being filtered through a filter jug. But they don't replace the filter in the jug very often and the water tastes disgusting! Even boiled and with flavoring it still tastes weird. It just makes us feel ill, so we just don't do it anymore.

Mum in law is very sweet, but her house is a mess and smells of dog urine (because their two dogs piddle everywhere and they argue who is going to clean it up and it sits there for days). The once white walls are dirty dark yellow with age, the spider webs have spider webs and everything is just old and dirty. No amount of cleaning seems to help either. It just smells rank. I worry greatly about taking a baby there (hopefully sometime in the near future) and I pray that the situation changes before then. You see, Mum in law desperately wants to fix it up, but her hubby gets upset that he can no longer do these things, and so as not to upset him, she just doesn't do it at all.

I offer to help, but she just won't hear of it. I hope one day she lets me help her.

Okay better go. I promised myself that I would clean the car if it was sunny today and Bugger the weather is perfect, so I had better make good on that promise.

Have a good weekend all.


At 1:31 pm, Anonymous MrsHUGS said...

Hi there Bugsy...
Dolly the dolphin looks great...
Now just remember that I dont knit but I have seen others do it, how do the knit together the sleeves and body for jumpers ??? couldnt you use that method to join them together ???

Wishing you a fab weekend...


At 3:34 pm, Blogger Katt said...

I would just stitch them together normally...I dont know how to crochet either so just sewing together. Making sure there is a wrong side. Then if you are worried about the back looking ugly sew some polar fleece or flannel fabric over the whole back (gives added warmth too that we need in the colder states).



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