Saturday, January 14, 2006

At Last - A Knitting Update

I haven't done a knitting update in ages so thought I would do one.

Here are two new squares that I have recently done.

The first is "Lighthouse". Now this one was a little difficult. I partially frogged this one about 4 times before I figured out the pattern. I think it ended up turning out pretty good. This one is "Apple". It was pretty easy to do and I think it also turned out well.
So far I have done:

15 blank squares

4 green babyfeet squares
1 green dog square
2 green cat squares
1 green star square
1 green paw square
1 green sailboat square

1 yellow sailboat square
1 yellow apple square
1 yellow dolphin square
1 yellow lighthouse square
1 yellow star square

I have 5 squares to go:
2 blank squares
1 yellow pear square
1 yellow rooster square
1 yellow dog square

So I am definately getting there!

p.s. All the pictures of all the different types of squares are in my flickr album down on the right.


At 4:13 am, Blogger PortLairge said...

Wow, I admire your talent. What patience you must have.

At 6:06 am, Blogger Em said...

How do I start Bugsy? I really wnat to knit but I am terrified of following a pattern.

At 6:42 am, Blogger Patty said...

The two squares are beautiful. I really like the lighthouse. You do very nice work. I can't knit, have tried, but can't seem to get the hang of it, so I stick to crochet. Hope your week-end has been great so far.

At 10:03 pm, Blogger Katt said...

I LOVE them! You have done a great job! you should be so proud! I think you are advancing past beginning knitter by leaps and bounds!!



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