Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Fairy floss booties

When you are onto a good thing sometimes it is hard to stop. So I used the same pattern I have been doing (free pattern from Lincraft website = see post below with the white booties for the link (I am too lazy to relink it hehe)), and I changed the yarn for the top to a super soft one I have here called Fairy Floss. I think it turned out pretty good. They remind me of baby ugg boots!
I have been stressing a bit since yesterday. The trigger shot went well on Sunday night 11:30pm, and I was all set for the IUI at 11:30am today. Then yesterday morning the clinic called me and said that they have to delay my IUI until 1pm. I freaked (unnecessarily as it turned out) and got really upset. I tried calling my specialist, but he was "unavailable". So I posted on a couple of infertility forums, and once again, the lovely ladies there put me at ease. I now know that I am not totally blowing my chances by having a small delay like this.

We decided to try to BD last night, and we tried for about 3.5 hours until we gave up. Hubbs just couldn't get there. At least one thing - he finally admitted he has a problem and is willing to do something about it. Not sure I am going to be able to get him to the doctors to discuss it, but acknowledgement is the first step.

So I have taken the whole day off to pamper myself a little. Still sitting here in my bathrobe considering whether to have my shower now or not. Hubbs is still asleep but the good news is He is coming with me to the IUI! Yay. He didn't whinge at all when I told him I want him to come to this one and be a part of this process.

I guess part of me wants him to check the paperwork and make sure the sperm they defrosted is definately his. I watch too much Maury Povich where fathers deny their children, and it would always be in the back of my mind that he could do that if he wasn't there, checking the paperwork with me. Stupid I know.

Catch you all again soon.


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