Saturday, May 27, 2006

A knitting we will go.....

A whole week since I posted! I thought i had better show you an update of the knitting - as you can see the back is coming along quite nicely. I have one one iteration of the pattern at the top and I am on the second iteration now. Not that much to go.
Here is a close up of the pattern so you can see roughly what it looks like. It is a little dark - sorry! It will be easier to show you when I have the back finished.

It has been quite a week. On Tuesday I was on my way to get a blood test (7 days past ovulation) and my car (yes my new car), broke down. I ended up sitting in it crying, waiting for RACV. Ayway, it had to be towed, and the problem was a major one (of course!) so I was without my car until later in the day Wednesday. $915 later, I was finally on my way to getting that blood test.

I started the global corporate challenge - the walking challenge. I wear a pedometer daily for the next six months and every day I record how many steps I did that day - it translates that to a global position on a world map. It is pretty cool. I am definately getting more walking activity that I was before. The dogs are loving the extra walks too.

I am also feeling a little delicate at the moment. I am 11 days past ovulation and waiting for my period to arrive (as I am sure it will). I knew I was a little emotional but didn't realise how much until my sister called and said my niece was visiting and would I like to come over. Instantly I knew I didn't want to see anyone and even felt compelled to add that I really didn't feel like seeing anyone today, and asked my sister to disuade them from popping over.

I just feel like curling up somewhere and hiding for a bit. Small things make me cry at the drop of a hat - bloody hormones. It is all because I had a hcg booster shot on Thursday.

Of course, when I am like this I react by cooking, and this weekend will not be any different. I am planning on making a batch of cheesy cauliflower and mustard soup, cooking up the dogs food for the next fortnight, and the weirdest thing of all - I have begun a mix of honey icecream. It is now chilling and I will blend it up tomorrow for dessert.

I think that is the weirdest of all - I mean have you seen the weather around here lately? I could practically stick the icecream mix outside and it would freeze by itself!

oh well - time for a cuppa I think, then few more rows of the jumper before I start dinner (marinated pork mini roasts and veggies tonight).

My love to all.


At 7:06 pm, Blogger Katt said...

Knitting looking really good!!

Huge huggles for my fragile Bugsy

Did the car have a gaurantee that if something went wrong within a set time the dealer pays for it? If not...dont worry..Neither did ours! The smart shits..Ours was rooted after 6mths....

At 7:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the cooking sounds fantastic!

What do you cook for your dogs? I'd like to cook for mine if it is cheap and easy.
- The knitting looks great too!

At 10:53 pm, Anonymous Lucy said...

I am so impressed with your knitting. Mine sits there, waiting for me, and I just can't find the motivation these days to knit. Of course, for me it's starting to be the heat of summer (today it will be 95 degrees F) so that may be part of it - don't really feel like hanging around with wool.

Sorry you're emotional ... I have my fingers crossed for you this cycle.


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