Saturday, November 04, 2006

Have an emotional outburst?

Don't mind if I do!

Last night we went to my sisters and I am not sure why but I was in a strange mood. I felt annoyed at everyone for some stupid reason. Then I picked up her cat for a cuddle and her cat lay in my arms for a few seconds then she went crazy and attacked my face (she is a bit of a psycho cat - my sister is constantly being attacked too). She scratched me good across my nose and just above my lip and it started bleeding quite badly, as facial cuts tend to do.

Everyone raced to get antiseptic and sterile pads to stop the bleeding and I just stood there and the tears started to flow.

Even after it stopped bleeding (it was only a series of small cuts after all - no real damage) I couldn't stop the tears. My sister was upset at the cat and I kept saying "please don't be angry at her, it isn't her fault - I was the one that picked her up against her will".

But I still couldn't stop crying. In the end I was so embarrassed that I made Hubbs leave.

It took me three hours to stop crying, and I have felt ever since then (even today) like the tears are only being kept at bay.

I think it is more the fact that now my sister has actually sold she will be moving 200 kilometres away from me. As much as she annoys me, she is my sister and we have always lived close to each other.

Hubbs knew - 10 minutes after leaving her place he said "you are going to miss your sister aren't you - this is why all the tears".

I know it is silly - I mean she is only three hours away, I can see her whenever I want, and talk to her on the phone and computer whenever too, but I still get teary when I think about it.

Do you think the pill could be a contributing factor? Imagine then what I am going to be like when I really start taking the drugs. OMG that will be fun (not).

Oh and Heather W - that link you left in the comment to "I don't feel like dancing" was hilarious - it did sure make my day I tell you. Thank you.


At 3:35 pm, Blogger Cathy said...

It is a very emotional time for you so cry away.

It may be the pills as well but don't hold back.

Be yourself and sruff everyone else.

We luvs ya no matter what.

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.



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