Monday, September 27, 2004

Monday Moanday

It's Monday - or as I like to refer to it "Moanday". I am guaranteed to get into work today and hear people complain about it being Monday and how the weekend wasn't long enough etc etc.

Ok - I will admit - one of those people will be me. I can be found most Moandays doing just this - making some inane comment like "someone stole my weekend - cause I don't remember it" which at the time, I am sure, I think is very funny.

I have woken up with a headache today. Not sure why exactly. I went to an engagement party yesterday and drank plain lemonade the whole time, so it can't be that. Maybe it is the 21st birthday party held across the road last night, that hubby said was very noisy, but I don't remember any noise at all. I think I slept right through that.

Maybe it is purely hormonal. But even that doesn't seem right. I am on day 7 of my cycle so by rights no hormone of significance should be invading my body right now. I think we will put it down to it being "Moanday!"

Groan - Moanday has just started in full swing - with a phone call (yes at 7:30am) from work telling me that a server has crashed and they are having trouble getting it to start up again. So instead of writing all I want in this blog; instead of having a coffee and some panadol, I am going to finish up here now, and head into work and see if I can convince this main production server to fire up ( or about 1200 people will be very upset with me ).

Did I mention it was Moanday?


At 4:42 pm, Blogger Burnt Karma said...

Yay, a bitchin' blog.
Moanday sure is a good description for it. It's Tuesday now, and I'm still a wreck! LOL

Believe it or not, all that sugary lemonade could have left you dehydrated, which is the main cause of my morning headaches, when I'm not faking them ;-)

Great news about your buddy as well, it's so good when things start to turn out right for our friends. It's lovely to share in all the happiness. Now if you could just get some baby dust, we could have a huge party!


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