Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy "you-know-what" day etc

Happy Mothers day. It is amazing that three little words can hurt so very much. I woke up today with a mighty headache just with the stress of knowing today is Mother's Day. It will get better though. Either I will learn to deal with it, or I will get a child sometime in the future. One way or the other, it will get better (I think).

I also have a correction to make. A good correction. I went to get the clomid script filled today (positive move huh - since I am only 9dpo today), and the script says 100mg not 200mg. I must have heard him wrong. Hubby said he thought he said 200 as well.

So that is better. I am happier that I will be only doing 100mg a day especially whilst I am in Sydney.

I thought about calling him and asking but I see him in 4 weeks anyhow so why bother. I will just use the 100mg this time, and he can up it when I see him next if he wants to.

oh and I finished the back on George last night. Instead of starting the front, I tidied up the loose ends, then went and had a spa with hubby. NICE, except it was late. We never got into the spa until after midnight. But it was very relaxing.


At 6:52 pm, Blogger Kath said...

Ugh I agree.

Make sure you dont watch the evening news. If its not first mothers day baby blah blah blah, it will be Bec Cartright and that horrible Lleyton hamming it up somewhere.



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