Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter

A very happy Easter to you and your families. I hope the Easter Bunny found you no matter where you are.

I have been okay since the IUI. I had another blood test on Satuday and I tell you, sometimes I think I know more than they do. I get there and the girl looks at my file and says "nobody will call you today - just make an appointment during the week for another blood test" and I said "but I need to know today whether I need a booster shot or not." and she says "oh ok - well then call us between 1 and 2".

So I do the test, and then she calls me at 11am.

Nurse: "everythings normal, just make an appointment in a few days for another blood test".

Me: "so does that mean I don't need a booster?"

Nurse: "ohh No - you don't"

Me: "What was the progesterone level?" (thinking it must be huge for me not to have to do a booster shot).

Nurse:" 20"

Me:" Isn't that borderline at this point?"

Nurse: "Well yes it is. I just you could do the booster if you wanted to"

Yeah thanks Lady.

So I did the booster shot anyhow.

Next blood test is Wed 19th.

I get the impression that all of this is just based on guesswork, and I just have to hope that one nurse's guesswork is better than another and that in the end, I luck out.

Saturday we also went to Yarram. My sister and her fiance are thinking of moving there (well more than thinking, planning on it). and they wanted to show us the town and the houses they were looking at. I love it. I want to move there myself. I have been talking to Hubbs about it since and we have been trying to work out if we could do it.

I think we will wait until my sister moves, and then spend some time up their visiting ourselves and see how it goes. It is a long way from anywhere, and I am not sure about the isolation factor. They have a great yarn shop there and if I have to I can go to Sale that has everything (about 100kms away I think). But it is a long way from Monash IVF and right now I need to be close to that. So it will be a while before we make any real moves.

I sure am going to miss my sister though. We are so close and I love that she only lives 500metres away. I am trying not to show her just how much I am going to miss her because I want her to follow her dream, and I shouldn't factor into that.

I am off to visit a friend who is about 36 weeks pregnant today. She tried for over a year, miscarried then tried for another year and decided to relax about whether she got pregnant or not, and wham - she was pregnant. I am going to give her the two white pairs of booties. It will be nice to see them go to a good home.

Have a great day all.


At 3:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!

At 5:19 pm, Blogger Betty said...

Ah hah, no disrespect but you know what they say..."just relax".

At 10:29 pm, Blogger Nettie said...

Hi Bugsy,

I got a hold of your blog through IVF friends and also see that you like knitting a friend of mine runs a online yarn and knitting site called yarns online.

I have just started my own Blog.
Hope you had a happy Easter and if you do end up in Yarram let me know as I live close to there.

I am sure that your sister will enjoy living there it is quite a nice place.

At 2:32 am, Blogger Em said...

Best for the blood test. I would really love to meet you when I move back to Melbourne (hopefully in September).

At 9:18 am, Blogger Betty said...

Ha ha weight loss tablets! The nerve! I assumed all would disappear when I closed a blog sight. How did he do that!!

At 10:40 am, Blogger Lesley said...

Bugsy, hope your Easter was nice.
I know you'll miss your sister but it will be a great escape from everyday pressures when you and hubby get a chance to get over there for visit's.
Hoping,wishing and praying that the nurses guessing game pays off and your getting good news soon.
Hugs and take care,

At 10:31 am, Blogger Lesley said...

Hey Bugsy, thinking of you Today as you have your blood test (wed.
Hope your week has been good so far.

At 10:14 pm, Anonymous Kit said...

Hi Bugsy,
Just letting you know I am thinking of you.

At 3:56 pm, Anonymous SandyR said...

hey Bugsy, just popping in to say hi. Did you have your blood test on friday, how did it go? What's next?? Take care. Sandy

At 11:58 pm, Blogger Katt said...

Hey sweetie!! Hope you had a great easter!!

and i am baaaaaaaaack!! :D


At 7:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you get my email?


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