Monday, May 29, 2006

Another milestone day (I hope)

Wish me luck for today. At 2:30pm Hubbs and I have an appointment to see my fertility specialist and take him up on the offer to start IVF. Before we started Ovulation Induction with the injections, he offered to send us straight to IVF, or we could try the less invasive OI with injections. We, of course, chose the less invasive OI with injections. He told us we still had a really good chance this way.

Well this is my 5th cycle of OI, the third where we have combined it with IUI (inter uterine insemination), and we haven't had any luck. (although I am 13dpo today on cycle 5 and no sign of AF yet, so fingers crossed).

I don't think it will be a big sell to get him to let us do IVF. I mean he offered it to us before, so I can't see him opinion changing greatly.

I just worry about my weight and whether that is going to delay the process. Well - we will see. If it does, then I guess I have a self imposed break from all this ttcing to get my weight down, and that can't be a bad thing either. I desperately need a break from this before I go insane. (whoops - too late)

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I cooked up the doggy dinners yesterday (pictured in last post), plus a batch of cheesy cauliflower and mustard soup (yummo) and finished making my homemade honey ice cream (nice but too much honey). I also did 4 blooming loads of washing, and put them through the dryer, and lots of dishes, and about 6 rows of Hubby's jumper.

Unfortunately, with all that, I still didn't reach my daily aim of 10,000 steps. I walked a grand total of 6439 steps yesterday. I was just too exhausted to go for a walk as well to increase my steps. Oh well - today is another day.

Take care all.


At 9:44 am, Blogger The Momma / MrsHUGS said...

Good Morning Bugsy...

Sending you postitive vibes for today...

Thinking of you heaps...


At 10:13 am, Blogger Net said...

Hello my wonderful friend.

Thinking of you today. Thanks for your good luck for last week, always a true friend, thinking of someone else, am recovering ok.

Lots of Love and Hugs,


At 2:15 pm, Blogger Katt said...

My fingers are always crossed for you sweetie! And hugest possitive thoughts.

You did more walking then I dont get much walking done when sick.



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