Sunday, November 26, 2006

I got spoilt!

Check out what the gorgeous Katt sent me for my birthday. Firstly I got a pen with Launceston written on the side - very handy for writing down that rows I have knitted (if I ever get back to knitting that is), then she gave me 100g of "kid candy" - her home dyed wool - which is absolutely gorgeous. I have to knit something lovely with this as it is really nice.

Then the piece de resistance, is a beautiful home made little teddy bear who's name is Ragan.

Ragan is very special. Ragan came with a letter that goes like this:

"The story or Ragan the bear.

Over a year ago I made a few of these little bears (about 6 of them) and they all found homes except Ragan.

So sad little Ragan sat at my computer table for over a year without a face while I tried to find the perfect home for my last little bear. I searched and waited and waited and searched. But I could not find the perfect home for my last little bear.

Then it came to my attention that it was getting close to one of my dearest friends birthdays. Someone who would love and cherish Ragan for the special little bear he is. Someone i KNEW would love him and give him lots of cuddles.

That person was you.

You may have noticed that Ragan doesn't have a mouth. There is a reason behind this. When you are happy, Ragan is happy. When you are sad, Ragan is sad. He feels how you feel.

Please look after little Ragan. I don't know if I ever plan on making any more of these little bears. So he is special. He waited for over a year to find his perfect home.


You can see Ragan on the right, holding the pen. Oscar as you can see is quite jealous of all the things Katt gave me.

Katt - I make this solemn promise to you - I will care for Ragan. I will give him cuddles every day and when he is sad I will try to cheer him up. I will also protect him from Oscar, who thinks Ragan is someone who would like to play with him. (but I won't let him close enough for him to play with).

I was very spoilt indeed.

I also wanted to show you these. I made these for my last luncheon with the Melbourne girls. The two on the left went to Ali and lil M'ooey and the two on the right went to Mari and bobim. I think they turned out well.


At 6:19 pm, Blogger Katt said...

Oooh you posted the story of Ragan!! lol

I am so glad you like it all. I was a little worried!! Now you just have to wait for your Chrissie pressie from me!! lol

I do love those bibs still! You did a fantastic job on them.


At 6:50 am, Blogger Mari said...

Thanks again for the Bibs...Jordan was wearing his blue one yesterday and I received a number of comments on how cute it was!!


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