Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Top reasons to increase your yarn stash

I saw a list of the top 10 reasons to increase your yarn stash taped onto the window of my local yarn shop and I laughed when I read them. I also thought - "surely there are more than 10 reasons!". So I did a bit of a google search and found a whole forum on it on the Knitters Review website.

I have compiled a new list of no less than 40 good reasons for buying more yarn and increasing your stash.

See if you can think of some more. (like we need an excuse anyway to increase our stash!).

Top reasons to buy yarn:

1. Doesn’t have to be watered, fed, repotted or pruned.
2. Doesn’t have a shelf date.
3. Doesn’t need to be walked, groomed or fed. And it doesn’t shed…. Usually.
4. Doesn’t need a sitter when you go out. Or someone to watch it while you’re on vacation.
5. If it felts, you don't have to take it to the groomer
6. Doesn’t need its litter box changed.
7. It keeps without refrigeration; you don't have to cook it to enjoy it
8. Like dust, it's good for protecting previously unprotected spaces in the house.
9. it is cheaper than crack
10. You can have more than one WIP with out having to hide them from each other, unlike multiple boyfriends.
11. It insulates the house during winter when you line the walls with it
12. It fills your world with colour;
13. It doesn't require a prescription
14. Doesn't need its diaper changed and will never write on the walls.
15. Will never cost you tens of thousands of dollars in school tuition.
16. Does not date people you dislike just to spite you.
17. Has exactly the same taste in music you do, and will never turn off your stereo
18. It doesn't get jealous
19. It won't tell you how to cook
20. It doesn't come with a mother in law!
21. Cheaper than therapy (some with disagree with this one hehe)
22. Doesn't steal your seat when you stand up to fetch another ball.
23. It likes trying different things and hardly ever complains if you unravel it after spending hours knitting something.
24. It doesn't chew your computer cables.
25. Will never tell you your butt looks big or remind you that you have a pimple.
26. It is such a good investment! Even if it spends ten years in a closet, it retains its value, or even increases in value, and rarity.
27. It will never pee on your couch.
28. It will never drunk-dial you at 3am.
29. It will never tell you that it needs some space.
30. It won't cut you off in traffic.
31. Doesn't take over your computer for hours
32. It will keep you warm without expecting anything back
33. It can be left alone or not called for days, weeks or even months and years without getting angry or starting an argument
34. If the yarn you have isn't giving you what you need you can always get more, no long talks needed
35. It doesn't walk away when you're talking to it.
36. Doesn’t raise your blood pressure, or your bad cholesterol.
37. Never talks back or asks to use the car and then returns it with the tank on empty.
38. Makes a great interior design color splash even if you never use it.
39. Never changes the channel to a sports program.
40. It's not immoral or illegal


At 11:09 pm, Blogger Cathy said...

41. Doesn't say I love you or give you a cuddle just to con you to take it to the playground.

42. Doesn't put it's cold feet on you in bed in the middle of the night

43. Keeps your feet warm in bed (ie. no need for a leeky hot water bottle).


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