Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Feeling better

I was feeling so worried last night that things were going a little too well, as I have felt great all weekend. Hubbs convinced me to do another hpt this morning and as you can see it is still darker than the others.

I go for my confirmation blood test this morning (in an hour actually) so should have results this afternoon.

No more nightmares, just one weird dream where my house was actually much larger than this and we were only using half the space and I kept saying "we just forgot these other rooms existed, I wonder why we never thought of using them" and I easily set up a baby room in one of the "spare" rooms - as if it would be that easy - I woke up and my house is still the same size as always.

Didn't sleep last night though - too worried about today and the blood test. So scared they will call and say "yes you are pregnant but your levels are so low that you are surely miscarrying again".

We went and saw "night at the museum" yesterday - Funny! It was a great distraction. Then we went to Krispy Kremes and they were all out except for plain and apple and cinnamon. How dare they - don't they know I love the lemon filled and they should keep them on hand for me at all times?

Also did some knitting - yay. I finished a dishcloth I started about a week ago, and started back on the last sleeve of Hubb's jumper. Only the sleeve, sewing up and the neck to go and it is finished. Have promised myself that I have to finish that before I can do any baby things- and I seriously want to do some baby things hehe.

ok guys- will post later once the blood test result is in. Take care all.


At 8:33 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Luck Bugsy !

At 9:33 am, Anonymous Jac said...

Good luck today with your blood test. Have been thinking about you alot. 2007 is a good year.

Jac & K

At 11:19 am, Blogger three minute palaver said...

thinking of you today when you get the blood test and hoping for good news and great betas.

At 1:08 pm, Anonymous seepi said...

I've got my fingers crossed for you - but honestly I'[ve got a very good feeling for you this time around.

In dreams a house represents ourself. So maybe you are rediscovering lost parts of yourself? Or realising that you have hidden depths? Or gaining confidence that your body can do this?


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