Sunday, October 03, 2004

1 more sleep

1 more sleep to go until the big renovation. We are almost ready so it should all be okay. I just hope we have correctly estimated the space required for all the things arriving tomorrow - the spa, vanity basin, oven, rangehood, sink, cooktop etc. Hubby said he would be most upset if he couldn't see the telly due to boxes - poor baby.

On a weirder Note, my temperature has been up the last two days. If my temperature stays up tomorrow FertilityFriend is going to say I have ovulated on CD11.

I never ovulate before cd17 but ever since the miscarriage it has been cd20 or cd21. Could I really have ovulated so early this time? If so, we have once again missed the boat (most likely) as we have been so busy we only started babydancing last night (cd12).

I had more good news during the week - a lady I used to work with called - they have been trying for #2 for 4.5 years including 2 years of IVF and finally she went and had a laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and hydratubation and 8 weeks later she is pregnant. She is now 16 weeks.

As soon as I told her that I had the same set of procedures done at the start of August, she said "you're next then". I just hope it is that easy. Although if I am ovulating this early then maybe not. Should I start using OPKs now? hmm hard to work out what to do.

Well I have a mountain of tasks awaiting my attention. Hello to everyone and anyone reading this - Hope you are all well.


At 8:21 am, Blogger Burnt Karma said...

Hey Bugsy,
I'd be breaking out the OPKs at this point. Even if you started last night, that's OK.
Just don't wear yourself out too much with all the renovating! Wow, talk about burning the candle at both ends.
Then again, you don't want to be renovating once the baby comes eh? So maybe now's the best time to get it done.

I used to use the Fortel kits you can get at Safeway. Much cheaper than the others from the chemist and pretty good at predicting. Mucous is also a very good indicator - it usually shows up one or two days before ovulation, if that's any help.

Don't bother with trying to use the "Maybe Baby", I found they were next to useless, as having PCOS meant I had higher levels of ovulation hormone present the whole time, so I got ferns for two weeks. Useless!

Oh yeah, Good luck!


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