Monday, October 04, 2004

Wrap up of Day 1

They came (early Yawn (7:30am))

They destroyed

They made lots of mess

They left WET SPOONS in the sugar bowl

They put down drop sheets and at the end of the day picked them up and shook them out of the floor before folding them up neatly for tomorrow - WHAT THE?

They left the toilet in such a state that they should have put up toxic waste dump (pardon the pun) signs! (I made hubby clean it).

They joked all day about how many times they "got it up" last night with their girlfriends (the married ones just had that wistful look on their faces like they were trying to remember the days).

But, I was absolutely amazed at how efficient they were and just how much they got done in 1 day.

By 9am they had pretty much ripped out the entire kitchen and bathroom. By the end of the day (4pm in non-builders terms), they had done all the removal, taken away their rubbish, taken a window out in my bathroom, removed the floor, all the wall tiles, removed the plaster from the walls and rerouted all the plumbing and done all the wiring for the new configuration.

They had also put in a new structural beam in the roof and removed a load bearing wall.

Pretty impressive!

So tonight I am left with a lot of dust and a few whitetail spiders that came out of the woodwork (seriously I think they did), and the use of the laundry trough as a sink to wash all the dishes they left me with.

For the next three days I am on my own with them (and not a looker amongst them, I might add!), whilst hubby works 12 hour shifts to try to pay for it all.

If you want to have a look at some before shots and some shots taken at the end of day 1 - check out this website -

p.s. My temp went way way down today so I don't think I have ovulated yet - cd14 today and trying to convince hubby to babydance tonight. My chances are not looking flash tonight - we are both so tired - but you can but try.

night all.


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