Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Wrap up of Day 2

Dust dust and more dust.

I cannot believe how much dust is EVERYWHERE. It is in places that are well sheltered from the renovations, yet it still found it's way there.

Ok so I have updated the webpage in the post "Wrap up of Day 1" to include photos from Day 2 as well. Not as many as Day 1 because although the rip out goes fast, the rest seems to dawdle a little.

Despite that they did seem to get a fair bit done on Day 2.

The plaster is up on the walls in the kitchen and tiles have been removed to accommodate the new cupboards. We had a slight setback when it was discovered that the bulkhead over the window (in place to allow for the slope of the roof above), was not level (out by about a cm) so they had to remove it completely and redo it.

In the bathroom the rest of the bricks were removed for the glass brick window to go in. The plaster went up on the walls, and the spa was put in place. The support frame around the spa started forming and the access door through the bricks to the spa pumps was also put in place.

We have some worry about the taps over the spa as they currently look like the water will hit the sides rather than go into the spa itself, so am waiting for the plumber to arrive today so I can discuss it with him.

Today the kitchen cupboard are arriving, so by the end of the day it should actually look like a kitchen. The cupboard in the laundry is being created today and the two cavity sliding doors are being put in place.

So I think it is all happening!

Working from home is going well - except that when you are working from home you tend to work much longer hours than you would if you went into the office.

My temp is still down so still waiting to ovulate. Normally this would happen around cd20, so at cd16 it is right around the corner. Waiting, Waiting, Waiting......


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