Thursday, October 07, 2004

Wrap up of Day 3

Before I begin - the lates photos are up -

Day 3 saw a lot of progress and a bit of a setback.

The Kitchen saw the most progress - with the bottom cupboards being delivered and installed and the benchtops going in - The sink and hotplates are sitting in place but not yet properly installed. But it is getting there!

The cupboard in the laundry is forming and the sliding doors are on in the laundry and bathroom.

Now the setback:

The plumber came and I mentioned to him that the position of the taps was awkward as the water would hit the side of the spa rather than going in the spa, so he was able to move the spout to a better location. He then tested the spa and discovered it was leaking around some of the air jets at the bottom.

This means a bit of a delay as they had to remove the spa and transport it back to the manufacturer for repair. They managed to get the company to look at it Thursday so hopefully it will be back in the bathroom soon. Of course this means that nothing else can be done around the spa until it is back in place - a delay of possibly a few days.

The company has been great - they are efficient and professional and are keeping me informed the whole time which I really appreciate. We had asked them to save the old air vents from the ceiling in the kitchen (plastic thingies) so we could use them as spares in the rest of the house, and unfortunately they broke them. Less than 24 hours later they had given us 2 brand new vents as replacement. As the site supervisor said "we broke them so we relace them" - how nice is that!

More important things:

A baby\infertility site I have been visiting has erupted in a horrible argumentative way and it has upset me greatly. I have decided to not visit it for a while, perhaps I will never return? I just don't need the stress in my life right now. I must relax!

My temp is still down and the Opks (yes I have been doing them for the last 3-4 days) are still negative but the line is getting darker. Today I have egg-white cervical mucus (bet you are all excited by that!), so O is definately approaching.

Fingers crossed we might get there soon - I hope!


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